Forest Neurotech


  1. Electrical Engineering Lead
  2. ML Infrastructure Engineer (Los Angeles, CA) 

About Forest Neurotech

Forest Neurotech is developing an ultrasound-based BCI and software platform with the aim of catalyzing breakthroughs in both the understanding and personalized treatment of the human brain. Ultrasound is capable of measuring and stimulating brain-wide activity in a minimally invasive manner. This opens new avenues for research into personalized therapies across a range of psychiatric and cognitive disorders. As a nonprofit  Focused Research Organization (FRO), Forest Neurotech has the freedom to focus solely on advancing science and engineering for the public good. Pioneered by Convergent Research, a member of the Schmidt Futures Network, FROs are designed to overcome key technological bottlenecks for the advancement of science and medicine. Forest Neurotech is based in California, visit to learn more. 

Forest has secured a partnership with Butterfly Network with exclusive access to the only FDA-approved and mass-produced Ultrasound-on-Chip technology. Forest was recently featured in Wired and IEEE


Forest is structured as a Focused Research Organization (FRO). FROs are a new type of startup-nonprofit hybrid organization for pursuing advanced scientific projects not achievable in academia or a VC-backed startup. As an FRO, Forest can execute with the intensity and focus of a founder-led startup, but with the mission and operational flexibility to maximally advance neurotechnology and benefit society rather than focusing on near-term company value.


Forest has five years of runway. 

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